Be a better Instagrammer : 10 blogging tips to maintain your Instagram account as a pro

  Instagram is such a responsibility, I must say! Really nice one though. And when you dedicate yourself to it, treat your social media channel the proper way, it brings the results. It’s been the fourth fruitful week of instagramming, after I reviewed (and renewed) my visual presence on the most valuable social media channel of mine. I thought why not to recap all the important conclusions I’ve came to through week 1, week 2 and week 3 in this post together with comments and hashtag-advices for each picture (traditionally).
  So, 10 elements you should keep in mind to make your Instagram feed more attractive and make new followers come (and stay):
1. Consistent style is a key to success. Just imagine these squares of your Instagram profile are a whole picture. You want it to be smooth, right? So choose the style that speaks the most about you – b/w, minimal or pops of color, and stick to it. For a person who visits your Instagram for the very first time, it should be pretty much clear who is “behind the scenes”.
2. Don’t turn into human spam. There are gazillions of selfies, lattes and sunsets over Instagram, so you better limit yourself with these and show your work. It is a great place to receive feedback on your crafts, personal projects and arts.
3. What time is it? Know where your audience is and mind the time difference. For example, my audience is evenly divided between States, Israel and Russia, so best timing for me is when it is morning in the US (evening in Israel and night in Russia) and evening in the US (afternoon in Russia and early morning in Israel). Obviously my two best pictures of the day go in the morning and in the evening, daytime can be filled in a freestyle.
4. Sky is not a limit. Systematically uploaded pictures will make your followers engaged all day long, but beware not to oversaturate. A day with 3 to 5 pictures is considered to be a good day for me.
5. There’re no day offs. Again, consistency everywhere! You can’t leave it empty because you “ran out of pictures”. It is just ridiculous, there’s such a beautiful world outside of your 4 walls. Even inside, get creative.
6. It is a social network. So go, socialize. Ask your followers questions, reply to comments, leave thoughtful comments. Be nice and you’ll see the results – both in number of virtual likes and followers, and also in new real friends and connections. (you know you have to trust me on this, I met my husband on Instagram)
7. Balance of power. As been said, I started my Instagram a long time before I started blogging. And it never wasn’t a question to open one more account “just for the blog”. What for? Why to split the power? I am balancing between private and professional, and I think it is a win win. Your blog followers want to know more about your personal life, and your friends what to know what do you blog about.
8. I can see clearly now. The quality of iPhone camera together with a good photo edit app is more than enough to create clear, sharp and eye catching pictures. I personally love VSCOcam app, and Instagram new built-in adjustments are super useful.
9. Keep your standards high. Follow for follow, like for like and other shiz are not for me. I value real people, who engage, socialize and inspire. Instagram can be your chance to build a long-lasting relationships and real followers base, so don’t screw it up for several fake followers who won’t stay for more than a couple of days with you.
10. Watch yourself. Finally, we got to the most painful of Instagram dilemmas – #hashtags. Ok, we all know there’re no magic hashtags that will bring you thousands of likes in just a minute. When I upload a picture, I limit hashtags up to three for the caption, the most relevant. Sit and watch, give the post to go through it’s “shelf life”. They say it takes no more than 2 or 3 hours, than you can experiment with other relevant tags without annoying your followers with long blue lines.
10 tips to make your instagram feed more attractive and gain more followers
How to get popular on instagram
10 tips to make your instagram feed more attractive and gain more followers
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10 tips to make your instagram feed more attractive and gain more followers
10 tips to make your instagram feed more attractive and gain more followers
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10 tips to make your instagram feed more attractive and gain more followers
10 tips to improve your instagram feed
10 tips to make your instagram feed more attractive and gain more followers
1. This week was surprisingly reach on my own faces in my feed. After I asked my followers last week if they want to see more of me and I received lots of “definitely”, I fixed the situation. Even if it was yours truly on the way back from the doctor’s, after doing medical exams and blood tests. #ootd
2. Afternoon coffee with this little guy. His taste was “ok”, but the photogenic level was excellent. #foodporn
3. As an adept of silver accessories, the golden days are super rare for me. I put together this outfit for the craft market Unique LA, that we visited on Saturday. #fblog
4. Bricks are my second favorite texture after craft paper, especially when they match my #outfit.
5. Picture about patterns, textures and materials. Handmade and natural. #crafts
6. An amazing PEACE sign I’ve spotted above a yoga studio in Downtown LA, couldn’t resist but to greet all the new followers and say how flattered I am they’re all here with me. #peace
7. These birdies from thrifted books are waiting for some handmade love, the new embroidery project I was talking about before. #simpleliving
8. The right use of Starbucks cup holder – nature gatherings organizer. #liveauthentic
9. That was a morning after we received our vaccines – felt like two injured birdies with killing pain in our left shoulders, but with a good excuse to stay long in bed. #vsco
10. These boots were made for walking. And I also wanted to get married in these, but changed my mind at the last moment. #fromwhereistand
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