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Bike ride with style in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Californian lifestyle blog.

 I can count all the times we got to the ocean this summer on the fingers of one hand, but actually it made me cherish these precious moments even more. We took our bikes and drove all the way to Santa Monica for a date with sun, sand, ocean and californian vibe before the summer ends. Ocean always calms me and gives an energy boost. And riding bikes on the boardwalk with my beloved one is the favorite summer activity. I’ve opened a special tag for my vanilla bike adventures on Instagram – #vanillabikestories , make sure to check it out for more pictures and enjoy the californian lifestyle.

Santa Monica boardwalk image, Los Angeles, California. Californian lifestyle blog.
Santa Monica beach, Los Angeles, California. Californian lifestyle blog.
Summer bike ride with style, Californian vibe. Californian lifestyle blog.
Summer bike ride with californian style vibe, Santa Monica LA. Californian lifestyle blog.
bird prints on sand, California image
california style vibe, Los Angeles style blogger

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