Simple Living – Instagram Moments Week #3

   Through past week #1 and week #2 of my Simple Living Instagram Moments, I’ve shared with you tips and advices on how to improve your Instagram feed and make new followers to come and stay, based on my own Instagram experience. Since I reviewed my visual existence on Instagram and set up new goals on quality and quantity, I got focused on WHAT AND HOW I post. I’ve started a challenge on creating a really smooth, organic looking and visually organized feed, as I believe that is one of the key factors that can help you increase the followers number. For me it is always an eye candy to look at a feed that is based on the same vibe and color scheme, rather being blown away by trying to figure out who is the person behind the messy feed. That is about HOW to post. WHAT to post for me has never been a question, I balance between personal and blog’s account in one (as I don’t believe in splitting the power into two accounts..well, if you don’t buy followers of course). I promote new blog posts and updates on my Instagram along with my private life, I believe it is a right choice for those who appreciate the personal touch in blogging , it is a lot like a vicious circle : your blog readers want to know about you “behind the scenes”, and your non-blogging friends and family want to see what you do as blogging etc. You got the point, right? So here’re the 10 pictures from my last Instagram week, scroll down to read the comments for each pic and the hashtags I use.
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What and How to post on Instagram to make your feed more attractive
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How to create unique and attractive feed on Instagram, through TLV Birdie personal experience
What pictures receive more likes and interaction on Instagram and why, due to TLV Birdie personal experience
1. This week I’ve been working hard on a brand new, carefully crafted and totally handmade web design for the blog, the one you can already enjoy by reading this post. I’ve uploaded a spoiler from the process to my Instagram to get some feedbacks. On the picture – new embroidered header and future social media buttons. #tlvbirdie
2. Bike dates with my husband are the best dates, we love to ride to Silverlake and to stop for a chai latte and a lemonade, it is our way to discover new local places. #foodporn
3. The banana bread recipe announce on the blog and the old blog’s design, for the very last time shown publicly. #liveauthentic
4. The more white crochet details in my life, the better. Simple. #ootd
5. I love fortune cookies, they always tell something you want to hear. This white chocolate covered fortune cookie probably tells me that I should continue with my embroidery art. #fortunecookie
6. One of my latest embroidery doodles,  new green friend and our new Ikea botanical bedsheets that I’m in love with. #embroidery
7. I don’t usually spoil my insta feed with a face of mine, but according to the number of likes and comments on this one, I definitely should. Picture from one of our bike rides last week. #silverlake
8. Nature gatherings. Every time I bring something new from my neighborhood walks. #nature
9. There’re more and more snapshots of my bike in my feed for two reasons : first – I truly enjoy getting sporty and ride long distances, second – my vanilla bike is so damn pretty I’ve created a special tag for this kind of shots – #vanillabikestories. This particular one is saying I’m off for a ride. #fromwhereistand
10. The most liked picture from the last week – announce of a new embroidery project on TLV Birdie Blog, my hand stitched touch to the Anthropology August catalog. #anthropologie
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