Breath of Fresh Air

  These days I am switching my skin care products for organic cosmetics (or the most closest equivalents to be organic), after several years of abusing my skin with products from a drugstore that are full with parabens, sicilons and acids. Besides the awareness of the ingredients I am treating my skin with, I came to conclusion that these fast and only visually seen results that skin tends to receive after addictive usage of salicylic acid for example, have nothing in common with long-term health of my skin.
  So now my healthy skin routine is on it’s beginning stage, and as I said this switch from drugstore’s products to natural may take time to show visual results for those who just started. Though, the feeling of breathing skin and unclogged pores comes your way immediately.
   Here’s a product my skin is totally thankful for. Small in size, but big in it’s help. Breath of fresh air from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is that rare case when the product’s name speaks for itself literally.  I use these toner water right after cleansing my skin two times a day, and refreshing my face with a few spritzes during the day when my skin gets thirsty. I usually let the toner air dry on my face to tighten the pores, and only then apply the moisturizer. Among the ingredients: spring water, fresh sea water, aloe vera gel (known for the excellent soothing and revitalizing qualities), rose absolute and carrageenan extract (made from Irish moss seaweed, that provides moisture), seaweed absolute (rich in vitamins A, C and E and minerals), rosemary (antiseptic) and patchouli (relaxing) oils.
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  • wow, i love your blog! so glad i found it! so refreshing.

    i’m not fully organic and natural with my beauty products but i really do appreciate lush! that toner is awesome and their masques are really great too.

    tiffany / tiffanyeatworld

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