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Blog story about why and how I decided to switch my lifestyle to a "simple living".
  I don’t really know what is the proper explanation of the things going on with me right now, but the fact is : I am off to a simple living. Maybe it is about getting older ( I just turned 26 few days ago), maybe it is a down-shifting change recently happened to my life with moving to Los Angeles. Well, yes I know this sounds quite ridiculous, but that is how I feel here – I don’t work like crazy when back in Tel Aviv, LA life is so laid-back and our place is in a green and quiet neighborhood so feels like we switched to a village living. The idea of the clean and simple living truly inspires me, and I want to learn to live ethically, conscious and healthy. I know this is not an easy choice at all, and I am not going to be radical with my decisions – but step by step, and we can create a better, cleaner lifestyle for our little family. Both in our food behavior, environment care, leisure activities, beauty routine and the most important – in our buying habits. 
  Speaking of a person who made several big moves in her life (from one city to another, from one country to another, and from one continent to another), I totally understand the heaviness of all the clutter people constantly surround themselves with. Every time I used to leave so many stuff behind at my old place or at friend’s places, but then I couldn’t stop buying lots of useless clothes and little things again and again, and it’s like a vicious circle. And even if I felt I got to learn to let the things go, it still felt heavy. And how many times I felt regret after one another purchase “just to cheer myself up”.
  I’ve been thinking from time to time of a big cleanse, but it never properly happened (except one big second-hand sale). I always felt like on a half-way to simplifying, made attempts that were too small and temporary to be noticed. Now I feel it is a perfect time for a big change in our lifestyle, I have all the support in the world I need from my dear husband, and I am going to take this simple living journey seriously. Though the task is to stay yourself in this journey – I still love nature-inspired decor, and I would definitely go for bohemian basic outfit rather a modern minimal. First thing to change will be definitely our consumer habits – quality over quantity, and at least 5 proofs of using and needing a particular thing before purchase. I believe the fact that the less things we have, but the better things we have, could truly affect our life in the best way, and leave place for important things – like art, self-expression and travel
Blog story about why and how I decided to switch my lifestyle to a "simple living" and to benefit more time for art creations and self-expression.
Bohemian style blog with a creative background : a bit of crafts and simple living patterns into a digital blogging world.
DIY typography with simple things
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