Simple Living – Instagram moments week#2

  Time flies. Here’s already a week #2 roundup of the Simple Living moments shared through my Instagram. In the week #1 post I talked about how important it is to document your daily life visually through Instagram, and made an example of how an Instagram week of lifestyle blogger looks like in 10 pictures, with comments and advices on what hashtags I use and what I post about. 
  So, what I would love to say as this week’s cover letter is that you own your Instagram, not your Instagram owns you. You set up the frequency of your posts, topics and the organic smooth look of your feed. There’s a lot been said on the web about how to gain  more followers and bla bla, and if this is the question you want an answer for – my blog is probably the wrong place to find it. But if you insist, I assume the most important thing is to show your life the way your followers would want to live it through. Honest, active, full of details and creative vibe.
How to create a beautiful visual diary on Instagram when you are a lifestyle blogger.
How to create a beautiful visual diary on Instagram when you are a lifestyle blogger.
F21xme - bohemian ethnic necklace from Forever21
How to create unique pictures for your Instagram visual diary.
How to promote your blog on Instagram
How to create unique pictures for your Instagram visual diary.
What hashtags to use to gain more followers on Instagram
Popular hashtags to use on Instagram to gain more likes and followers
How to create unique pictures for your Instagram lifestyle blog.
What is important to post about on your instagram when you're a lifestyle blogger.
1. “Don’t turn into human spam”. This is my moto while I am trying to find a balance between public and private (my personal Instagram started a long time before I started blogging, so I kept it going instead of splitting into two accounts), so each time I have an impulsive desire to post my lunch or selfie I think twice. This is the phrase from Show Your Work! book that I found another day in UO, where the author Austin Kleon basically suggests to show you work but not your dogs, cats, babies, selfies, lunches and lattes. (I also used an opportunity to show off my awesomest engagement ring) #quote
2. It is extremely hot in Los Angeles these days, so I love to add peppermint syrup to my iced latte, it gives such a cool (literally) Christmas feeling. #losangeles
3. As a sucker for bohemian jewelry, I feel so lucky about my latest purchase – ethnic-looking necklace from Forever21, and even on final sale:) #details
4. Pink fairy sunsets in Los Angeles are probably one of the first reasons I can start loving this city. #sunset
5. Nature gatherings bring me so much fun lately, I use them as props for my posts and also for blog promotion. Writing TLV Birdie with little organic stuff wasn’t an easy challenge! #typography
6. I finally received few thrifted books for a big embroidery project I am planning to start really soon, and the illustrated pages took my breath away. #reading
7. With 3 rides only my beautiful vanilla bike received more compliments from strangers on the streets than my previous bike in Tel Aviv for all it’s bike life. 
8. My typical urban gypsy biking outfit : old Mango man t-shirt customized into muscle tee, vintage cut offs and plaid shirt. #ootd
9. We got some new green friends today and completed a little spontaneous bedroom makeover. And also, we are trying to stay hydrated in these hot like hell summer days. #succulent
10. Hamsa necklace, for protection and peaceful skies. #istandwithisrael
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