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Hand-stitched embroidery on paper over bohemian fashion production from Sara Waiste UK style blogger. Creative post production is made by Los Angeles style blogger TLV Birdie.
  My latest bohemian art collaboration happened to be with an English rose with a gypsy soul – amazing Sara Thomas  from the WAISTE blog. I got to know this UK free spirit style icon through her Instagram and began to follow her truly inspirational blog. This girl has so much passion to vintage items and bohemian lifestyle, she runs her Waiste vintage online store and has so much air and creativity in everything she does. I got in touch with Sara and she got interested in the embroidered style collaboration I do on my blog, and together we created a beautiful nature-inspired embroidered art piece.
Details of handmade embroidery on paper made by personal style blogger from Los Angeles TLV Birdie Blog in collaboration with Sara Waiste bohemian fashion blogger.
mixed media embroidery details of my art post - incorporating beads and thread art into free spirit style collage
nature-inspired motives of hand-stitched embroidery on paper

  What Sara says about my mixed media art : I recently collaborated with the lovely Olya from the blog TLV Birdie and she created these amazing mixed media collage using one of my outfit images. I thought these photos taken in Cyprus wearing my Love Leigh kimono, would be the perfect match for her beautiful bohemian mixed media art using embroidery threads and beads, and I wanted to incorporate them into one of my outfit posts, which I thought works really well. 
  It’s such an unusual and beautiful technique and I love how mine turned out, it adds so much to the image, combining digital media and craft techniques. One of the things I loved most when I was younger was drawing and making collages out of materials and being artistic and creative in this kind of way is something I miss so much. Nowadays with photoshop and all kinds of digital software this seems to fast becoming a lost art, so I admire Olya for combining the two to make something really unique. She’s definitely inspired me to find the time to be more creative again in this way.”

Mixed media style blogger TLV Birdie from Los Angeles uses mixed media techniques such as embroidery to elevate fashion and lifestyle posts into art pieces.
Check out Sara’s post about our collaboration : Wild Meadows: TLV Birdie and Waiste Collaboration
Sara waiste uk boho style blogger
Sara waiste uk boho style blogger
Sara waiste uk boho style blogger
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