Live it local #9: Black&Wild / Castro seasonal window display design in black and white style

  Biggest trend of the upcoming spring in face of black&white stripes coming to Tel Aviv too, and Castro scores by creating monochrome yet enough bright window displays! This time I really liked their windows design, mirrors definitely do their thing. Every time by shooting windows that I choose to show in the blog I’m trying to complete a picture with city reflections on the glass, so this time I am more than satisfied. And, additional bonus point for the hair-do’s!
  Have you already purchased your black and white coolest piece for spring outfits? That’s the place you are allowed to boast and share your thoughts:)
castro tel aviv visual window display

castro tel aviv window display

castro tel aviv visual window display winter

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  • OceanWind

    I have to say, the pictures are stunning. I like the reflection of city in the glass and the reflection of city in fashion too! It came out genius!

    • TLV Birdie

      thanks a lot:) That’s kind of my thing – make city and fashion get together:)

  • Danielle

    I love black & white, definitely need to pick up some of the striped pieces.

    xx Danielle

    • TLV Birdie

      You do! But watch out – black&white is going to be on each and every girl this spring!:)

  • anjelais

    Stunning photos! I just bought some striped shirts the other day. :)

    • TLV Birdie

      Thank you:)
      Share what you got;)

  • Alexandra

    Adorable! How better to showcase such a trend if not in this way ? :X


    • TLV Birdie

      Thank you:)

  • styleseer

    Lovely post. Congratulations on being featured in IFB’s Links a la Mode.

    • TLV Birdie

      Thanks, it was a nice surprise:)